Our Projects


We are the principle funder of the Public Health Collaboration. We help support the running costs of the charity, along with providing our time and guidance. The PHC has more than 200 Health Ambassadors, who amongst other things keep GP surgeries up to date with the latest research in health, nutrition and lifestyle. We consider ourselves as the much-needed preventative arm of the NHS.

Charity Number: 1171887

Public Health Collaboration

Ace Africa


Our support enables ACE Africa to conduct various health educations programs in rural Kenya and Tanzania. InWhile disease, lack of hygiene and minimal resources are clearly problems in much of rural East Africa, the bigger problem is lack of awareness of these issues and the simple steps that could be taken to minimise exposure to risk. Our Community Health and Wellbeing programme exists to provide people with the knowledge and the training they need to make better decisions regarding their health and to work proactively to prevent the spread of diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

Charity Number: 111283


We support BIG CHANGE, a charity that is trying to transform education and learning in the UK.  We want to see a world where all young people are set up to thrive in life, not just in exams. We begin with a simple question, “what is the purpose of education”?

Charity Number: 1145224

Big Change

The Colourful Life Foundation India


This charity was born out of a company that the Bennett family founded in Jaipur. Over the years we have helped build/renovate 15 schools, which today educate more than 4,500 children. We provide ongoing support for these schools, focusing our resources on health education for the children.


We funded the creation of the The Lifestyle Club (a new arm of the PHC charity), which through primarily GP surgeries, enrolls individuals suffering with Obesity, Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes type 2 onto a 12-week program, to reverse their condition. In the UK, 25% of adults are obese and type 2 diabetes has risen by 65% in 10 years, both cost the NHS £16 billion a year.

Charity Number: 1171887

The Lifestyle Club





We’re proud to support Ace Africa’s community development projects in Tanzania, helping to transform the lives of thousands of children and community members.

Specific activities supported include outreach events for orphans and vulnerable children, child rights’ trainings, sanitary pad distribution and education, school uniform provision, school renovations, HIV testing, psychosocial counselling, and the provision of medication and nutritional supplements to people Living with HIV/AIDS.



The Colourful Life Foundation backs Boys 2 Men in their mission of “Nurturing Lads by Empowering Dads”. Recognising that every boy needs a guide or mentor to steer them through the challenging early teenage years, this project works with fathers and sons taking them through a range of challenging and fun activities with the aim of strengthening the bond between them and enabling them to trust each other more. This stronger father-son relationship gives the son the confidence to thrive in a time of physical, emotional and social change and make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.




Working with Jagriti, we’ve pledged to pay for the education of 1,000 children from Kathputli Nagar, Jaipur for the next three years. Along with teachers and support staff, we’re covering uniforms, books and school materials and a balanced a nutritional lunch. Jagriti undertake detailed surveys of the colony to understand which children are not receiving education, and then adopt and refurbish schools to meet the need. They currently educate 700 children across six schools, with four more schools in the process of adoption. Our pledge will allow Jagriti to increase student numbers to 1,700 across the ten schools.





We’ve also worked directly in the village of Bhawni outside Jaipur. We’ve completely refurbished the toilet blocks and created separate male and female toilets. Anecdotal evidence is that the attendance of girls has increased by 40% since these improvements.





Working with Pride ‘n Purpose and Virgin Unite we refurbished of Ekhuruleni School in Newington Village. The new school has two classrooms, office, kitchen, toilet, outdoor play area and a food garden. The increased size means the school now qualifies for a monthly grant giving access to school materials and the government feeding scheme. The work was completed ready for the new school year in January 2015 and was finished just in time – the old school building collapsed shortly afterwards.


In 2012-14 we invested in a sustainable long-term infrastructure to provide efficient eco-stoves into Madagascar. Stoves are made locally in five factories providing employment for the surrounding areas. Larger stoves are sold into commercial ventures such as restaurants and hotels allowing smaller models to be distributed free of charge into the community. By 2014, stoves distributed stood at almost five thousand, improving the lives of around twenty five thousand individuals. The stove project has now evolved in to a sustainable enterprise.

In addition we provided funds for a school in the Ankarafantsika National Park, to provide education and daily food for around 90 children.




We have worked with the Samburu community in northern Kenya, investing in a library in the rural area of Wamba to serve the local school children. This library has been stocked entirely with over six thousand books generously donated by customers of key sponsor, Gemporia.

We have also invested in long term water harvesting projects, capturing rain water during the short rainy season and providing up to eight months of clean water to local schools and surrounding communities. The provision of these services releases children from the traditional family chore of finding and collecting water daily by either walking up to 14 miles to collect from a water source or digging in dry river beds.